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St. Albans Border Crossing Records

St. Albans border crossing records are records of immigrants traveling from Canada into the USA. They are very similar to ship lists and in fact do contain some actual ship lists. These lists are generally of better quality and contain more details than typical passenger ship list. They are written very legibly and are usually completely filled out. Many German Russians first entered Canada before coming to the United States. If they entered the USA from Canada between 1895-1924 then it is very likely that their border crossing into the USA is contained in these records. Best of all these records are soundex indexed, and are fairly accurate.

You can learn more about the St. Albans border crossing records from the LDS Research Guides. You will need to click on the words "Emigration And Immigration" to get to a detailed description of these records. Also the US National Archives discusses these records in By Way of Canada and the Alberta Family Histories Society has a discussion of all US / Canadian border crossing records.

Jayne Dye has put together an excellent explanation of the St. Albans Border Crossing records. She has also included a few extractions from the actual records by date, not the soundex index.

Gene Jenkins has begun extracting German Russian names from the soundex indexes listed below.

Soundex Code | Representative Surnames (partial)

G652-H100 | Gehring / Grams / Grenz / Grunwald / German /Gerhardt / Hoppe

H100-H161 | Hoppe / Hopp / Huff / Haupt / Heffley / Heffel / Hoffman / Haffner / Hipner / Huber / Hofferber

H161-H200 | Hoffart / Huebert / Haas / Huck / Huss / Haag / Hess / Hack / Heinze / Heig

H200-H235 | Huck / Hauck / Heck / Haag / Heek / Huckoff / Heiget / Hugot

M634-M635 | Martel / Martin / Mertin / Martung

W234-W255 | Weisel / Weigel / Weizel / Weigum / Weikum / Weisenburger / Weigand / Wigand / Wassenmuller

W255-W300 | Wagner / Wiesner / Wegner / Weisser / Wacker / Weishar / Weisgerber / Weigard / Wichert / Witts

W300-W320 | Witt / Weitz / Wittig / Witzke / Wetsch / Witsky

Note: These records are very wide so be sure to scroll all the way to the right. Soundex codes for your surnames you can be found here.

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