Neu-Straub is located about 30 miles northwest of Saratov on the "Bergseite" or hilly side of the Volga. The village was founded in 1802. There are three villages in this area, the most northern being Yagodnaya Polyana, a few miles south was Pobochnoye and about five miles more to the south is Neu-Straub. It was a protestant village, possible Lutheran. On a marriage application/certificate of a couple from Neu-Straub is the Lutheran pastors name who had a parish in Y.P. The only family names I have are : Keil and Heintz In 1994, I visited Neu-Straub. Less than a dozen houses exist. One of the local ladies invited me into her mothers home. They were Russians and said no Germans had lived there since 1941 when they moved there. The house I was in was definitely built by Germans as the ornate wood design around windows is not found on Russian built homes. The cemetery had no German names or markers only Russian I have an 1857 census of Neu-Straub of the Keil and Heintz names from Dr. Pleve.

Village Coordinator
Lillian Larwig
2133 NW 25
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